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Group Lessons

For those who have never danced before to those who have been dancing for years, Silhouette Dance is here to help!

In our beginners lessons we teach a social style which is great for getting around a dance floor when on holiday or at a dance. Moving on we start to add technique and introduce different rhythms and more intricate moves further enhancing your dancing skills!

Lessons last 1 hour with 2 different dances being taught so that you don’t get confused and can make the best use of valuable time. A 30 minute practice session is held after the lesson for those who wish to show off their moves!

Group tuition can be given in any of the following:

• Quickstep

• Waltz

• Foxtrot

• Viennese Waltz

• Tango

• Argentine Tango

• Cha Cha Cha

• Rumba

• Jive

• Salsa

Group Lessons

For more information on lessons local to you please contact Silhouette Dance.

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