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(By Megan Smith)

When should we start?

The earlier you take your wedding dance lessons, the more time to practice, but also more time to forget your routine! Generally, we would advise 6-8 weeks in advance however this all depends on what type of first dance you want.

What shall we wear for our lessons?

Initially it is best to wear what you feel most comfortable in. Towards the end of the lessons it makes sense to wear the shoes that you will be wearing on the big day, or heels of a similar size. Don’t worry about the dress, it will remain a secret whilst discussing how restrictive it may be.

Where are the lessons held?

For those who would feel more comfortable and who have the room at home, we can come to you so you don’t have to worry about travel times and costs. Alternatively we can arrange a local venue for your lessons where you will have the space to express yourself!

Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance

Don’t worry if you have never danced before or think you have two left feet. Silhouette Dance can help all abilities from those who just want to get through the dance without falling over to those who want to be a bit more flamboyant!

We want you to really enjoy your first dance as a married couple. That's all. Just take to the dance floor and have an amazing time. But we know the reality isn't that simple, as dancing in front of everyone you know can be a terrifying thought.

Your Wedding Dance Song & Choreography

The choreography will match your song, natural style and ability giving you all the confidence for your big day. Don’t worry if you do not have a specific song in mind, we have a large selection of suitable music with bespoke choreography to match.

First Dance Lessons - the schedule

We appreciate that most people lead busy lives, so your lessons are set for dates and times that suit you with evenings and weekends all possible. Organising your lessons couldn’t be simpler, as our booking procedure is quick and easy. If you are really short on time, you might like to consider having fewer, longer lessons. Your lessons don’t have to all be on the same day of the week, it’s fine to mix it up around your other commitments.

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